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Permissions, feedback, and tagging in one sweet package? Yep, dream teams are made of these.

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Feedback that’s seriously simple

Give and get feedback in the same place you make videos, edit videos, and host videos.

Anyone can give their 2¢

Get feedback from as many people as you want, for free, just by sharing a link. They don’t need a Wistia account, just a browser.

Comment frame by frame

Leave the days of typing out timestamps behind you. Now, you can pause on any frame to add a comment and the feedback will show up right on the video’s timeline.

No more missed feedback

Tag someone with your comment, and they’ll get an email notification. Because getting feedback shouldn’t require sorting through emails, DMs, and stray sticky notes.

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Organization is our middle name

Introducing a way to manage videos that actually works for your team.

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Video software UI showing four videos in a folder

Use folders

Our folders work how you want them to. Drag, drop, move, copy, and keep everything organized.

Video software UI showing custom tags on a video

Just tag it

Custom tags let you categorize your videos however you want, which makes searching a whole lot easier.

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Thanks to Wistia, anyone on the team can easily upload, organize, and showcase our entire portfolio of videos in a sleek and searchable video gallery. The intuitive interface ensures quick access to all our content.

Scarlett Bush Director of Operations at Explainly

Control who sees what

Because videos need privacy, too.

Set permissions

Choose who can view, edit, upload, download, and share your videos.

Share privately

Send a video to one person without sharing it with the world.

Add a password

Keep your most sensitive videos under lock and key with password protection.

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